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Bred heavy wool female $1800  
Top Pick Star Top Pick suri male Star Top Pick

DOB 10-16-2006
ILR# 268146

Castlerock's Mojo
TJ's Three Peat


2014 suri male
A gentle and quiet girl with the softest of fiber. We appreciate her size and calm nature. Her babies have the same calm nature and gentleness. Her maternal sister, Star Torrid Passion, was a top seller at the LFA 2007 sale. She has 2 suri ancestors keured into the Suri Llama Association.

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Heavy wool maiden female $700
Star Angelina Star Angelina Star Angelina

DOB 110-5-2014

Star American Excelence
Star Amulet



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This is a 5th generation offspring born on our farm. Each generation we have tried to pair breedings to secure the most advantage for a frame, fiber and healthy personality result. We are pleased with our breeding program and can say that our current offspring are indeed several levels superior to our original gene base. Angelina bears the result of a selective breeding program and will show her dense fiber to her advantage as she matures. She is weaned and taught to lead. This is the perfect age to acquire young stock for your farm or breeding program.

Angelina lost the top of her right ear to unknown events during the coldest part of her first winter. The 4-H kids now refer to her as one and a half. (so we know the kids are learning fractions in school!)
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Bred Suri Female $750
Star Best Effect Best Event 2014 Star Best Effect

DOB 10-8-2010

Star Primary Colors ILR#272116
Star Blacktacular



Cria is SOLD Thank you, Shangri-La Ranch, MI
Best Effect is bred for a fall 2015 cria
Hover over left photo for additional shots of Best Effect
Best Effect has produced silver out of different sires.
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phone: 734-587-2171
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